Welcome to the House of Darling.

My family bounced me between Europe and America through my formative years. I started out in France as part of a brilliant bunch of eccentrics that includes all manner of amazing careers… there’s a lot to live up to.

Travel and theater were our way of life. We gathered colorful stories as souvenirs. I’ve been to nearly every state in America and even had the privilege of living in five of them; from sea to shining sea. In New York, I distinguished myself in theatrical productions and I’ve come to consider NYC my hometown. I’ve lived on four continents and both hemispheres.

My passion for storytelling won me merit scholarships to boarding school and university. I majored in film studies in an attempt to incorporate all of my interests into one medium. Meanwhile, my business as a professional organizer paid the bills and allowed me to help fellow creatives. During my time in Los Angeles, I was an assistant to A-list talent while breaking in as a screenwriter.

I’m a lucky person and so currently reside in Canada with my partner and our daughters. You’ll find many topics on this site but mainly ones around my passions as a singer, actor, writer, science cheerleader, activist, and parent.

My global perspective means I’m permanently weird and supportive. If you enjoy that sort of thing, pull up a chair.

“Sam is friendly. Uses she/her. Thinks you’re swell unless you voted away the human rights of her and her friends.”

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