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the Taboo of toilet paper

On a tour of the fabulous Melbourne Museum with my then seven-year-old daughter, we were in an exhibit of how early Colonizers lived and they had a bucket in a display area saying that for many people back in the day it was the only

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December blues

It’s December. The month when I grit my teeth and mumble “keep it simple” like it’s a verbal fence uttered to prevent me getting kidnapped by elves. Everything about this month is designed to make me lose common sense and overspend. Herein a list of

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Reflections on 9/11 and all that

We just passed the 11th of September, a date where many native New Yorkers avoid social media because we don’t want to see images that can still trigger PTSD. Falling Man in particular will never be okay for me — even linking to that amazing

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Fringe fest chamber opera

One of the great joys of being an artist is knowing other creators and seeing their new works on opening night. I briefly worked with talented Roan Shankaruk who is leaving us shortly to study with Tracy Dahl at the University of Manitoba. But before

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On moths and butterflies

As we watched a moth banging against the bathroom window my youngest asked me to reflect on the difference between moths and butterflies two nights ago and I confessed that I had no idea. Good ol’ internet tells me the difference is that butterflies rest

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Guilt. The white kind.

We all step in it sometimes. Social faux pas after social faux pas. As a big talker — hello @bigmouthdiva — I step in it all the time. I get unfriended and unfollowed on social media quite often. As someone who cracks jokes and has

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You good?

New Yorkers use the question “you good?” for a far greater variety of situations than most. One way I’ve seen it employed as a form of allyship is when riding public transit. Picture a young woman getting hassled by someone on a bus and a

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