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My life as a weirdo

Choir music is designed for the masses. The usual SATB music is chosen to fit a typical vocal range and allow for a blend of nice voices into a whole that is pleasing to the ear. When you’re young, you start out singing in choirs.

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Risk – perceived and actual

There were times when my anxiety crippled my ability to live my life. I learned to manage my anxiety and one of the main tools I use for that is skepticism. When I believed something that caused me anxiety–for example that my college dorm might

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Do you miss LA?

My partner occasionally asks me if I miss working in Hollywood. It’s something I ponder when I see my industry friends achieve ever greater levels of success. I am exceedingly proud of my friends because I know exactly how hard they worked to get “overnight”

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Our Maclaren stroller

When we first decided to have kids, I knew I needed a super lightweight stroller because I’d be hauling that sucker up and down subway stairs with the baby in situ. I opted for the Maclaren “volo” because it was the cheapest fancy stroller you

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