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Reframe anything

The kids at school have started to tear apart this stone wall. As I was silently reflecting on how stone walls are some of the most long-lasting human edifices in history yet a few kids can tear one apart in a matter of hours, a

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Even shoes are political

My eldest has some atypical brain things that make her hilarious and challenging. She’s probably going to be like a friend of mine who failed most classes in high school but then got a perfect score on the SATs. One of her less charming issues

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My sister the brave

In every family there is a person that holds the center; around whose gravitational pull the other family members orbit. We refer to them as patriarch or don’t really consider their role until they’ve died and the loosely held lines of the family tree split

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National identity and a nanny named Becassine

One of the things that glues you to the people of your nation is shared childhood experience. It’s always an odd moment for me when I remember again that I do not have the same childhood tropes as most of my close friends. Some countries

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Children’s clothing, organized!

Did you go back-to-school shopping? Is your child’s room overflowing with clothes and making you crazy? I know, right? I do have one solution for the organizing part of it. Often, the problem with a child’s room is that parents make the mistake of trying

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The big bedroom

The grocery delivery guy kept staring at our living room in a weird way and finally said, “I just have to say, this is the neatest apartment I’ve ever seen with two children living in it.” The room as he saw it: It’s not a

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Organizing for the Writer podcast interview

Delightful Healing Diva, Sonia Haynes, interviewed me about how I help fellow creatives get their shit together. Her writing podcast is entitled Organizing the Writer, but  almost any person can use this kind of help. We get overwhelmed by modern life and the demands on

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I forgot about American Thanksgiving coming up. Perhaps because nothing could top our photo from last year. [Faux puritans. Thanksgiving 2012, Auckland, New Zealand.] The fact that I’ve been re-reading The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell was a mere coincidence. This is a terrific read

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The first time you were alone

[Sam–smelly backpackers can still be stylin’–Chardin , Bremen, Germany 2001]   When you are a child, there are a lot of firsts that pass by without notice. They are so ordinary it is hard for adults to remember that this is the child’s first time

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