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Productivity habit

Since I manage a full-time job, a part-time job, a relationship, two children, friends, a cat, volunteer work, singing in the occasional opera, fitness goals, reading many books, and writing a lot, it is only natural that my friends marvel at my ability to keep

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The weight of personal history

The trouble with having such a deep knowledge of my family history is I find I must bite my tongue when my kids speak casually of their interests. I have no desire to bog them down with the weight of our history. When my kid

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Organizing for the Writer podcast interview

Delightful Healing Diva, Sonia Haynes, interviewed me about how I help fellow creatives get their shit together. Her writing podcast is entitled Organizing the Writer, but  almost any person can use this kind of help. We get overwhelmed by modern life and the demands on

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Felix lets jazz steal him away

Felix E. Kudelka is one of my talented nephews who grew up in Nice, France. [Felix in Nice, 2000.] Like many of my family members, Felix is an intense person and does everything in his life with a great deal of commitment. When I first

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Socialized healthcare makes better opera singers

The longer I watch the struggle in the United States over the health insurance coverage the more I am convinced that tying health care to employment, instead of making the system single payer, is the road to madness. And by “convinced” I mean I have

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