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Culture city

Certain cities ooze an ephemeral quality of “culture” and it can be tricky to explain exactly why. But then other times it’s clear how artistic expression is woven into the fabric of the urban landscape. Montreal is a city that provides a full sensory cultural

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On indigenous people

Since I’m a newcomer to places like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, I don’t harbor much of the shame of the colonialist past that many people who were raised in those countries do. As a foreign woman, I’ll happily stumble into places and stories that

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My sister the brave

In every family there is a person that holds the center; around whose gravitational pull the other family members orbit. We refer to them as patriarch or don’t really consider their role until they’ve died and the loosely held lines of the family tree split

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Hair story; herstory

I was represented by an agency and auditioning as a commercial actress so I’ve been expected to keep the same long dirty blonde princess hair with few changes. You’re not supposed to make drastic changes to your appearance so the casting director knows what they’re

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Walk! Avanti!

Cars are good and useful tools that I enjoy. No one on Earth can parallel park a GMC Suburban in Beverly Hills like I can. And no one loves a road trip as much as I do either. I’ve traversed the USA in various vehicles,

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Aggression in America

I was talking to a friend about how American aggression always feels most apparent to me when I go back there after a long absence. He lives in America and couldn’t really understand what I meant since he’s not aware of his country as being

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