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Culture city

Certain cities ooze an ephemeral quality of “culture” and it can be tricky to explain exactly why. But then other times it’s clear how artistic expression is woven into the fabric of the urban landscape. Montreal is a city that provides a full sensory cultural

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Body positive

So I’m leaving dance class and an older woman of a certain plush size says to me: “I wanted to quit when I started but I saw how amazing you look dancing even though you’re keeping it low impact and it kept me going this

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Two-year fitness progress if any

I’m heading into Year 2 of my “gym every day” journey and here are the things I’ve learned that I wish I’d known back when I started exercising. I jumped into gym protocol and body awareness late in my life due to a combination of

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Block party music

I love music. I love all kinds of music. But music in context. I’m not going to blast you with opera singing when you’re trying to eat your tortellini at a quiet Italian restaurant. Nor should you, I think, depress the hell out of me

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Family castles and fun

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in castles. Although, technically, many of these are considered manor houses. I have many childhood memories of this particular house in the south of France. Castles aren’t great for modern living. They’re often isolated and drafty. The bathrooms

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Jazzy sounds from my cousin Sophie

In my family, you can be a physician or a musician, but you can rarely be both. My cousin Sophie Bourgeois is extraordinary for managing the delicate balancing act of running her own dentistry business, raising two sons, and singing jazz. My family, bunch of

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