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Family castles and fun

I’ve spent a fair amount of time in castles. Although, technically, many of these are considered manor houses. I have many childhood memories of this particular house in the south of France. Castles aren’t great for modern living. They’re often isolated and drafty. The bathrooms

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Our Sunday best

Chicago suburbs, 1950s, USA Maria Baroni with grandmother Elise & mother Helene. Just a little touch of glamor of you on this fine day.  

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Another sketch – Elise

Herein another sketch my maternal grandmother, Helene Lasserre, made; this one of her mother, Elise, c. 1938. With a photo of Elise from from a few years prior to that same time period. My grandmother was a very talented artist. The whole family has been

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Halloween past in suburban America

The Halloween costumes of my mother’s youth doubled down on her opera training. Here are three from her teenage years. They were living in the suburbs of Chicago at the time. Her mother’s artistic creativity is evident… not only in the costumes but in that

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Beach 2

These people. They make even the hideous fashions of the late 60s look chic. Maria Baroni & Helene Lasserre 1970 Verdon, France. Helene Lasserre, Elise Lasserre, Hermine Viremouneix, Jean-Marc Devaure, Yves Devaure, Verdon, France. Hermine Viremouneix, Michel Viremouneix, Yves Devaure, Helene Lasserre,  Verdon, France.

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Why I resisted Mad Men

You may have noticed that I occasionally comment on episodes of Mad Men. Yes, like most TV addicts I acknowledge the superior quality of this show and the way it has the ability to suck us into the storyline like these characters are real people.

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