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A room of one’s own

It was a stressful day and I needed respite. As is my wont, I chose a dark movie theater even though it was a beautiful sunny summer afternoon. I wish I could be the sort of person who can relax on a nature walk but

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I went to a university that runs its own Emmy-style awards show.  It’s even won awards for being such a high-quality awards show. Let that sink in for a minute and understand what we mean when we say Hollywood is a hall of mirrors. The

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What is “operatic” material?

I’m a big reader and this week I enjoyed Nuiala O’Faolain’s The Story of Chicago May. [‘Chicago May, one of the few notorious women in the male-dominated rogues’ gallery of American criminals.’] The Story of Chicago May  is a biography by an Irish author about

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Opera and body image

Opera can change the way you see women.   A before and after of Deborah Voigt. When you first plunge into the world of opera divas you can have a bit of a shock. Why? Because you didn’t realize how trained we are by media

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Bechdel test

In a way related to my earlier post, I thought you guys would appreciate the Bechdel Test. This is something that often comes up in conversation when I talk to friends about TV, theatre, books, and movies. Most of the women I know would like

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