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Secrets of Southampton Part 2

I’ve told you secrets of the ultra wealthy in Southampton in a previous post. I had many experiences with what we now all call The One Percent. Well, when I was around twelve years old and my mother was newly single, many of her prominent

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Santa Lucia

One of the odd aspects of my childhood is that moving around so much means I’ve taken part in the cultural celebrations of many different nations that are not strictly my own. It is for this reason that the 13th of December puts my nostalgia

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Great aunt Marthe

Great aunt Marthe and the thoroughly modern controversy As part of the research for my memoir I’ve been in contact with family members who are helping me piece together the family tree. At one point in 2001, my sisters and I spoke with our paternal

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The first time you were alone

[Sam–smelly backpackers can still be stylin’–Chardin , Bremen, Germany 2001]   When you are a child, there are a lot of firsts that pass by without notice. They are so ordinary it is hard for adults to remember that this is the child’s first time

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Anniversary of the Titanic in song

I am lucky to be a part of a fundraising effort around the commemoration of the 100-year anniversary of the Titanic catastrophe. The recital will feature pieces from the actual songbook that was known to have been enjoyed onboard during that fateful trip. Even though

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