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You good?

New Yorkers use the question “you good?” for a far greater variety of situations than most. One way I’ve seen it employed as a form of allyship is when riding public transit. Picture a young woman getting hassled by someone on a bus and a

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Let’s talk about the muse and how they function in the life of the artist. We all have influences that kick our artistic butts into gear. Growing up with my grandmother Helene‘s paintings I’ve long been fascinated by the literal artist model. I took a

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My life as a weirdo

Choir music is designed for the masses. The usual SATB music is chosen to fit a typical vocal range and allow for a blend of nice voices into a whole that is pleasing to the ear. When you’re young, you start out singing in choirs.

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The Dream Unfinished

I wanted to take a moment to plug the upcoming NYC classical concert this July called The Dream Unfinished. This is going to have a terrific program of performers in a new theater space near Union Square.   Over the years I hear plenty of

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt review

Well, I guess I’m in the minority of people who dislikes the new comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It feels weird to be on the outside of this particular trend as I am a big fan of zany comedy. However, it’s also an unfortunate truth that

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I forgot about American Thanksgiving coming up. Perhaps because nothing could top our photo from last year. [Faux puritans. Thanksgiving 2012, Auckland, New Zealand.] The fact that I’ve been re-reading The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell was a mere coincidence. This is a terrific read

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French carousel

Governor’s Island, New York City hosted a vintage French carnival this summer. I rode a  Vélocipèdes and took in the sights and sounds whilst considering that these rides existed in 1900s Paris and may have well played host to my grandfather and his siblings. Did

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The difference with America

It was a lovely day. I took Metro North from my beloved Grand Central Terminal and rode up America’s most southernmost fjord (thanks, glaciers!), the Hudson River, to visit my friends. We went to a farm and ate delicious food and lovingly scolded the children.

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Playing tourist in my own town

New York City is a silly place. It’s a place where I want to stop into a store to investigate a cute side table, but I can’t, because it’s Jonathan Adler’s store and he’s there throwing a private event at that moment. Or I’d like

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Nostalgia is a lie

It’s August and I’m returning to NYC for the first time after a long absence. There was a moment when I became a New Yorker and I can mark it. My  grandmother and I were near Rockefeller Center on a scorching August afternoon when I

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