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On indigenous people

Since I’m a newcomer to places like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, I don’t harbor much of the shame of the colonialist past that many people who were raised in those countries do. As a foreign woman, I’ll happily stumble into places and stories that

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Why don’t you move to Canada?

There are a host of frequent refrains you hear from American conservatives around elections and one of them is laughing at celebrities who don’t move to Canada after the Republican candidate manages to win the US presidency.They’re right. You hear a lot of noise from

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Travel ruined me

I love seafood. I have always lived by the ocean apart from those six months in Alberta, Canada. My favorite restaurant as a child was the one that sold me 3lbs lobsters and a bottomless bowl of mussels. I greatly enjoyed our vacations to the

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Block party music

I love music. I love all kinds of music. But music in context. I’m not going to blast you with opera singing when you’re trying to eat your tortellini at a quiet Italian restaurant. Nor should you, I think, depress the hell out of me

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Ode to Aotearoa

New Zealand has been good to us. It’s been a five-year vacation from the grime and absurd pace of New York City. I had to stop saying “That’s so pretty!” after the first few months because it was a constant refrain. Tramping in the beautiful

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