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Zen and the art of laundry

Choices by the fascist regime now in charge of the USA have me leaning on my coping mechanisms more than usual. I’m refilling on too many cups of hot tea and you can most often find me in my slippers saying, “Oh, dear,” to no

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Productivity habit

Since I manage a full-time job, a part-time job, a relationship, two children, friends, a cat, volunteer work, singing in the occasional opera, fitness goals, reading many books, and writing a lot, it is only natural that my friends marvel at my ability to keep

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Small bathroom space-saving tip

Another organizing tip for y’all. I love our current place, but the bathroom is rather small for a family of four–it’s 4’x8′. There was only one existing towel rack and I didn’t fancy installing additional hooks on the walls of a rental as the plaster

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Travel tip #5 – test pack

This advice may sound silly, but it will save you time and hassle. Give it a try. If you’re an infrequent traveler, do a test pack one week before your trip. Leave your suitcase open in your bedroom. Through the rest of the week you’ll

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Travel tip #4

Travel tip #4 – take it slow Something you can expect when you’re packing or moving is that you’re going to injure yourself in some spectacular and stupid fashion. There will be a suitcase in your way where there is normally only pathway to the

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Travel tip #1

I’m in the midst of the packing. It’s just as crappy as I remember. As I’ve done this annually my whole life, and often intercontinentally, I’ve picked up a few tricks. I’ve never seen these outlined anywhere else, but then again I’ve never consulted experts

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