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Let’s talk about the muse and how they function in the life of the artist. We all have influences that kick our artistic butts into gear. Growing up with my grandmother Helene‘s paintings I’ve long been fascinated by the literal artist model. I took a

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I call the Reagan Library

Immigrants to a new nation are often the most ardent in their love for their new country and my family was a classic example of the streak of conservatism that runs through newcomers. I think it’s the desire to follow rules and blend that immigrants

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The portrait problem

Gothic horror, film noire, and melodrama will frequently feature a scene with a spooky portrait. Here are a few examples off the top of my head: The House on Telegraph Hill Dark Shadows The only thing I find odd is that they have so few

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A sketch

My great-grandfather, Hector Lasserre, on the left with my grandmother, Hélène, in the 1930s. Libourne, France. Here is a sketch she made of him around this time period:

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My maternal grandmother, Hélène, was a professional portrait artist. From time to time, as I catalog the family photos, I’ll recognize a photograph as the basis for a portrait that I grew up with in our home. Or sometimes it’s a photo that I recognize as

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