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Chicken hat

I know it’s early days with my kids being only seven and (nearly) thirteen but so far my girls are confident and I’m proud of that. I like to think some of it is because of their home life. My eldest was young when she

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Body positive

So I’m leaving dance class and an older woman of a certain plush size says to me: “I wanted to quit when I started but I saw how amazing you look dancing even though you’re keeping it low impact and it kept me going this

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Even shoes are political

My eldest has some atypical brain things that make her hilarious and challenging. She’s probably going to be like a friend of mine who failed most classes in high school but then got a perfect score on the SATs. One of her less charming issues

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Big Hero 6 & the Science problem

When a family movie features science and technology I look forward to taking the eldest to see it as much as she looks forward to going to the movies. We loved Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. Unfortunately, there’s a core problem with these movies

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Walk! Avanti!

Cars are good and useful tools that I enjoy. No one on Earth can parallel park a GMC Suburban in Beverly Hills like I can. And no one loves a road trip as much as I do either. I’ve traversed the USA in various vehicles,

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Children’s clothing, organized!

Did you go back-to-school shopping? Is your child’s room overflowing with clothes and making you crazy? I know, right? I do have one solution for the organizing part of it. Often, the problem with a child’s room is that parents make the mistake of trying

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The big bedroom

The grocery delivery guy kept staring at our living room in a weird way and finally said, “I just have to say, this is the neatest apartment I’ve ever seen with two children living in it.” The room as he saw it: It’s not a

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Parenting tip regarding my favorite technology

Wireless headphones can be your new best friend when you become a parent, particularly if you share a small apartment with your children, like we do. Not only can you watch your own programs or listen to radio while the children are sleeping, you can

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