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My life as a weirdo

Choir music is designed for the masses. The usual SATB music is chosen to fit a typical vocal range and allow for a blend of nice voices into a whole that is pleasing to the ear. When you’re young, you start out singing in choirs.

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Boys & genetic destiny

I grew up in a talented family that holds the idea that talent runs in a family as a form of destiny. My grandfather, Roger, was a cold person. He didn’t like children and as a mechanical engineer he wasn’t expected to be good with

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A photo in Venice

I was poking through archived photos from my travels in Europe and came across one of the best candid shots — on the grand canal headed to my hostel on a sunny November morning. That’s a happy squint!

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Hunting, fur, & pets

We had a traditional relationship with animals. We had many pets we adored living alongside our fur coats and hunting trophies. It’s a bit odd from our more modern perspective, but it makes sense when you consider that subsistence hunting was the normal way of

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The primer for classical singing

It’s almost like a totem. When an individual has signaled their readiness to become a classical singer a teacher will lead them one of these Schirmer books. [A slew of singers just smiled with recognition.] The art of classical singing is learning the best possible,

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Secrets of Southampton

I’ve told you before how I am a sort of time traveler, inhabiting worlds and activities from a bygone era. This is a common pastime of the very wealthy; they want to trap the world in amber. When I was fourteen I worked as a

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Malaga & Morocco

Growing up with stories of globe-trotting family inspired me to do my own traveling. Occasionally, I would walk in their footsteps. My grandmother, Helene, re-married in 1950 and she and her new husband Roger traveled to Malaga, Spain. They then made the ferry journey to

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Helene looking posh

My grandmother, Helene, in a studio-style portrait with the family dog. In the time before Owen Mills and malls, we still found a way to torture our adorable children. This was taken around 1923, I believe. My grandmother had me pose in a similar fashion

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We’re probably being jerks (to ourselves)

  We’re probably being jerks (to ourselves). Or: Why Beyoncé isn’t the problem I had an important realization today. I was never as ugly as I thought I was. This is important, actually, because it still holds true today. There’s a reason why a blog

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