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Singing tips

Some of us are born with a nice singing voice, but regardless of natural ability there are things we can do that will improve our ability. Whether you’re singing on a stage or around a campfire, don’t be shy about practicing and leveling up. Firstly,

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Productivity habit

Since I manage a full-time job, a part-time job, a relationship, two children, friends, a cat, volunteer work, singing in the occasional opera, fitness goals, reading many books, and writing a lot, it is only natural that my friends marvel at my ability to keep

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My life as a weirdo

Choir music is designed for the masses. The usual SATB music is chosen to fit a typical vocal range and allow for a blend of nice voices into a whole that is pleasing to the ear. When you’re young, you start out singing in choirs.

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Opera and cultural sensitivity

I’m doing a production of Madama Butterfly and the set and costume design are what I’ve dubbed “impressionistic” Japanese. We hint at the idea of Japan and try to do some things with accuracy, but we’re not attempting to recreate Japanese culture. For example, I’ve

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Actor & voice

You’ll find a lot of actors have a side gig as vocalists. You might assume it’s because they’re egomaniacs, but the little-spoken fact is that you can’t make it as an actor unless you have a distinctive or beautiful voice. It’s odd to me how

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Risk – perceived and actual

There were times when my anxiety crippled my ability to live my life. I learned to manage my anxiety and one of the main tools I use for that is skepticism. When I believed something that caused me anxiety–for example that my college dorm might

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The primer for classical singing

It’s almost like a totem. When an individual has signaled their readiness to become a classical singer a teacher will lead them one of these Schirmer books. [A slew of singers just smiled with recognition.] The art of classical singing is learning the best possible,

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Physiological response to singing

Many people who learn I sing opera feel compelled to apologize for not liking the art form. It’s okay. I get it. I don’t like opera either. I mean, I don’t like the representations of it in pop culture, which is where most people get

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Jazzy sounds from my cousin Sophie

In my family, you can be a physician or a musician, but you can rarely be both. My cousin Sophie Bourgeois is extraordinary for managing the delicate balancing act of running her own dentistry business, raising two sons, and singing jazz. My family, bunch of

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Queen of the Night Diana Damrau

Sing Talking

Pop singing isn’t really singing. I love pop music, don’t misunderstand me here. I love dancing to pop and playing it in the background at home while I’m doing chores. I love bluegrass and funk; that is the soundtrack to my life as much as

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