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MomChoir & finding your soulmate

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a partner who supports my creative endeavors and does everything he can to allow me space and time to write weird novels about fertility cults and so I can perform in operas. He’s a mensch. There did come a

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On alternative medicine and its appeal

Guys, I get it. I really do. Science and medicine are not comforting. Interacting with medicine is often emotionally cold and physically unpleasant. I was thinking about the appeal of all those “alternative medicine” and “holistic treatments” and how often I’ve been suckered into trying

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Your physician is crap at science

There are a lot of physicians in my family and perhaps that’s why I’ve befriended doctors, their children, and worked for a number of them. Doctors are amazing people. Most of them take self sacrifice and community service to an extraordinary height. I’m in awe

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Risk – perceived and actual

There were times when my anxiety crippled my ability to live my life. I learned to manage my anxiety and one of the main tools I use for that is skepticism. When I believed something that caused me anxiety–for example that my college dorm might

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Crystal skulls

Something people learn about me is that I am a skeptic. This usually comes as a shock since artistic types are automatically expected to believe in all sorts of mystical blather. I did grow up in a family that believes in a lot of that

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