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In praise of Star Trek

There are certain TV shows that became a part of my core personality when I was a kid and watching my eldest totally glom on to Brooklyn Nine-nine this past year made me think about those shows that shaped me. I wonder if we are

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Sound design pet peeves

An interesting side effect of this switch to streaming services on our phones and tablets is that I watch TV with headphones on a lot more than I used to. Perhaps for this reason, and also the tendency to watch a few episodes of a

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Physiological response to singing

Many people who learn I sing opera feel compelled to apologize for not liking the art form. It’s okay. I get it. I don’t like opera either. I mean, I don’t like the representations of it in pop culture, which is where most people get

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Daniel Crouet & ma sorcière bien-aimée

Many nations have rules around how much broadcast television must be in the native language. This was of particular concern in France during the popularizing of television as their airwaves were inundated with English-speaking programs. The way around the problem of expensive production is to

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Why I resisted Mad Men

You may have noticed that I occasionally comment on episodes of Mad Men. Yes, like most TV addicts I acknowledge the superior quality of this show and the way it has the ability to suck us into the storyline like these characters are real people.

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