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Singing tips

Some of us are born with a nice singing voice, but regardless of natural ability there are things we can do that will improve our ability. Whether you’re singing on a stage or around a campfire, don’t be shy about practicing and leveling up. Firstly,

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How to make new friends

How do adults make new friends? I’ve come to realize that even though I complain about making new friends I’m well versed in how to do it. This is a function of having moved dozens of times and also because I was often the new

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Parenting tip regarding my favorite technology

Wireless headphones can be your new best friend when you become a parent, particularly if you share a small apartment with your children, like we do. Not only can you watch your own programs or listen to radio while the children are sleeping, you can

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Travel tip #4

Travel tip #4 – take it slow Something you can expect when you’re packing or moving is that you’re going to injure yourself in some spectacular and stupid fashion. There will be a suitcase in your way where there is normally only pathway to the

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Travel tip #3

TIP #3 – no suitcase needed If you’re relocating, don’t fly with a suitcase. Take a cardboard box at the maximum allowable limit (currently 1 per purchased seat, 127 inches height/width/depth & no more than 50 lbs) and fill it densely with all of your

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Travel tip #1

I’m in the midst of the packing. It’s just as crappy as I remember. As I’ve done this annually my whole life, and often intercontinentally, I’ve picked up a few tricks. I’ve never seen these outlined anywhere else, but then again I’ve never consulted experts

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