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Sasquatches I have known

In vacationing at Harrison Hot Springs with the family this holiday season I hadn’t realized we were venturing into the heart of Big Foot territory until I learned that the info center had a little “Sasquatch Museum” attached to their bungalow. I had assumed this

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On indigenous people

Since I’m a newcomer to places like New Zealand, Australia, and Canada, I don’t harbor much of the shame of the colonialist past that many people who were raised in those countries do. As a foreign woman, I’ll happily stumble into places and stories that

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Anti-Asian racism

It’s this weird thing that my thoroughly continental childhood had a slight Asian flavor to it, although it’s not something I generally discuss. This influence is due to the fact that my grandparents lived in Manila and Macau during part of my childhood and sent

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Why don’t you move to Canada?

There are a host of frequent refrains you hear from American conservatives around elections and one of them is laughing at celebrities who don’t move to Canada after the Republican candidate manages to win the US presidency.They’re right. You hear a lot of noise from

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Travel ruined me

I love seafood. I have always lived by the ocean apart from those six months in Alberta, Canada. My favorite restaurant as a child was the one that sold me 3lbs lobsters and a bottomless bowl of mussels. I greatly enjoyed our vacations to the

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Frontier Airlines is terrible

This is a public shaming. My friend has a genetic disorder and experienced the worst possible customer service when she flew Frontier Airlines. Consider this your warning to never fly with Frontier. Tell your friends: Frontier Airlines is the worst. My friend has EhlersDanlos Syndrome

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Malaga & Morocco

Growing up with stories of globe-trotting family inspired me to do my own traveling. Occasionally, I would walk in their footsteps. My grandmother, Helene, re-married in 1950 and she and her new husband Roger traveled to Malaga, Spain. They then made the ferry journey to

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Glamorous air travel

Matching outfits and travel with your poodle, Gigi, on your lap. [Helen Lasserre & Maria Baroni] I know we had PanAm swag all over the house when I was growing up so these photos are from the early 70s. Most common airports for us were

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Moving again (!!)

Tibetan monks sometimes make mandalas, intricate designs of colored sand painstakingly created in a non-windy section of the monastery. They make them, and then promptly destroy them, to remind themselves of the transitory nature of being alive. In short, the sacred version of a jigsaw

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I forgot about American Thanksgiving coming up. Perhaps because nothing could top our photo from last year. [Faux puritans. Thanksgiving 2012, Auckland, New Zealand.] The fact that I’ve been re-reading The Wordy Shipmates by Sarah Vowell was a mere coincidence. This is a terrific read

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