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Canadian Healthcare

Tax season. I had a chat with a Canadian accountant about how I would deduct all expenses when I lived in the USA so I would pay, effectively, as little tax as possible to the state and federal governments. She looked at me askance and

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Why don’t you move to Canada?

There are a host of frequent refrains you hear from American conservatives around elections and one of them is laughing at celebrities who don’t move to Canada after the Republican candidate manages to win the US presidency.They’re right. You hear a lot of noise from

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Fifties Americana

No one is more American than an immigrant. I think of my family when the US  immigration reform discussion crops up again because we are all of us born in France and new to America. Yes, it is a peculiar feature of my life that

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Walk! Avanti!

Cars are good and useful tools that I enjoy. No one on Earth can parallel park a GMC Suburban in Beverly Hills like I can. And no one loves a road trip as much as I do either. I’ve traversed the USA in various vehicles,

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Justice Denied

I’m reading a horror story. It’s a true story written by Howell Woltz called Justice Denied. You should buy his book and read it, too. His courage will amaze you. I first intended to write a long post about the injustice of the American penal

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Aggression in America

I was talking to a friend about how American aggression always feels most apparent to me when I go back there after a long absence. He lives in America and couldn’t really understand what I meant since he’s not aware of his country as being

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Socialized healthcare makes better opera singers

The longer I watch the struggle in the United States over the health insurance coverage the more I am convinced that tying health care to employment, instead of making the system single payer, is the road to madness. And by “convinced” I mean I have

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