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MomChoir & finding your soulmate

I’ve been fortunate enough to have a partner who supports my creative endeavors and does everything he can to allow me space and time to write weird novels about fertility cults and so I can perform in operas. He’s a mensch. There did come a

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Productivity habit

Since I manage a full-time job, a part-time job, a relationship, two children, friends, a cat, volunteer work, singing in the occasional opera, fitness goals, reading many books, and writing a lot, it is only natural that my friends marvel at my ability to keep

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My life as a weirdo

Choir music is designed for the masses. The usual SATB music is chosen to fit a typical vocal range and allow for a blend of nice voices into a whole that is pleasing to the ear. When you’re young, you start out singing in choirs.

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Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt review

Well, I guess I’m in the minority of people who dislikes the new comedy Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It feels weird to be on the outside of this particular trend as I am a big fan of zany comedy. However, it’s also an unfortunate truth that

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Writerly influences on my self

I’ve been tagged to give my top ten most personally influential book list. I have this habit of reading every book by a particular author as I like to see how their style develops. Sort of like binge-watching a TV show. Due to that habit

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Self Publishing

Self publishing an e-book is easy peasy lemon squeezy. Right? Oh, lord, you guys. I wrote the book. I finished the first draft two years ago. Then, I was pregnant, moved house domestically, moved internationally, moved again domestically, and darn-it-all, I was tired. But you

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Do you miss LA?

My partner occasionally asks me if I miss working in Hollywood. It’s something I ponder when I see my industry friends achieve ever greater levels of success. I am exceedingly proud of my friends because I know exactly how hard they worked to get “overnight”

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Organizing for the Writer podcast interview

Delightful Healing Diva, Sonia Haynes, interviewed me about how I help fellow creatives get their shit together. Her writing podcast is entitled Organizing the Writer, but  almost any person can use this kind of help. We get overwhelmed by modern life and the demands on

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Moving again (!!)

Tibetan monks sometimes make mandalas, intricate designs of colored sand painstakingly created in a non-windy section of the monastery. They make them, and then promptly destroy them, to remind themselves of the transitory nature of being alive. In short, the sacred version of a jigsaw

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The first time you were alone

[Sam–smelly backpackers can still be stylin’–Chardin , Bremen, Germany 2001]   When you are a child, there are a lot of firsts that pass by without notice. They are so ordinary it is hard for adults to remember that this is the child’s first time

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